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Alamillo Bridge

Seville, Spain

Considered to be a work of art as much as it is a road bridge, the Alamillo Bridge, or Puente del Alamillo, is located in the Spanish city of Seville. It has a distinctive, and somewhat unbalanced, look as it is a cable-stayed bridge with one tower, that is built on an angle of fifty-eight degrees.

The height of the bridge is 142 metres while the length of its span over the Guadalquivir River is 200 metres. There are twenty-six cables used in the construction of the bridge. The bridge was designed by Santiago Calatrava Valls, who was also the designer of Barcelona’s Montjuic Communications Tower and the Allen Lambert Galleria located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Work was started in 1989 and the Alamillo Bridge was finished in 1992, to be part of the Expo 92 facilities. Some sites still remain from Expo 92 and can be viewed by visitors while there is also an amusement park there, Isla Magica. Located on La Cartuja island, Alamillo Bridge isn’t far from the tourist attractions in downtown Seville. When in the historic city of Seville, tourists will also want to see the Cathedral of Seville, Metropol parasol and Del Carmen Church.


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