Alaska mountain biking

Alaska Mountain Biking

Alaska, United States of America

Alaska, that vast, northern wilderness of snow-capped mountains and endless tundra, of summer twilight that stretches until dawn, that land inhabited by bears, moose and caribou, and criss-crossed with salmon-filled rivers, is one of North America’s untapped, mountain biking treasures.

Unlike many other locations with tracks of similar quality available, Alaska mountain biking is truly a back-country experience. Due to the dangers inherent in pursing the sport at such a distance from inhabited areas, and in places where carrying bear spray is imperative, joining up with a professional tour operator is highly recommended. Most tours include support vehicles, food and camp preparation services, but also have an expert rider who will accompany your group throughout your rides each day.


Alaska offers remote mountain biking


Mountain biking in Alaska will take you to unspoilt scenery. It will give you a sense of the vastness of the planet and your own small place within it. It will show you the look of the land, long before it was altered by humans. But it will also demand a certain level of fitness and at least an advanced beginner’s mountain bike skills.

If you have what it takes, be ready for the holiday of a lifetime. Fly into Anchorage or Fairbanks and let the adventure begin!

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