Anchor Point Surfing

Anchor Point Surfing

Taghazout, Morocco

Ever since its discovery in the 60s, Anchor Point in Morocco has been a surf trip pilgrimage for European surfers.

Anchor Point is north of the Moroccan village Taghazout which has developed into a surf tourism town. It is the most famous for a serious of world class point breaks along the coastline.

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Anchor point is a rock bottom point break. The take off area is a small peak in front of a rock shelf, negotiated by only experienced surfers. The wave rolls down the point with several barrel sections alternated with speedy walls perfect for high performance surfing. When Anchor is big and lining up the waves can be over a kilometre long and walking back around the beach is preferred to paddling out after a wave.

The wave is at its hollow best on low tide and only breaks through the high tide on the biggest of swells. Anchor Point is consistent and works on a northwest swell with a long period. Northeast winds are offshore. It can handle up to three times overhead, when the currents and entry over rocks can be difficult to negotiate.

The winter months of November to February are the swell season. Tanghazoute has plenty of cheap to mid-range accommodation, many catering specifically to surfers.

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