Bac Ha Markets

Bac Ha, Vietnam

When you go to Sapa, try to incorporate a Sunday into your visit and go to the small highland town of Bac Ha and the weekly market. This market is more for the locals than tourists. You’ll see the locals, who still dress in their fabulous colourful village costumes, conduct business – buying buffalo, dogs, farm implements, food and tobacco. It’s a vibrant, happy and colourful event. Although I didn’t find it during my time at Bac Ha, there’s a place where you can buy the local potent brew made from corn. As the train leaves Lao Cai (the station to get to and from Sapa), to return to Hanoi in the evening, this day tour will take you from Sapa to Bac Ha and back again in time to catch the train. It’s a very long day but going to this amazing market was one of the highlights of my trip to Vietnam. My camera worked overtime trying to capture all the amazing sights.

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