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Bagan, Burma

Myanmar or Burma has been off limits for tourists for a number of years mainly due to the political situation. Now that Aung San Suu Kyi has been freed there is a renewed interest in tourism to Myanmar.

Began Walk Myanmar

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One of the most fascinating places to walk is Bagan, which is best known for over 3000 religious monuments spread across a site of 16 square miles and is one of the most remarkable architectural sites in the world. A walk in this site is unique and takes visitors past pagodas, stupas and temples by the Irrawaddy River.

Began Walk in Myanmar

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At the end of the thirteenth century Bagan was destroyed and the site formerly known as Pagan is what remains of this city. Walking around the site can be a hot and dusty walk but the history and beauty of the area draws visitors in further and it can take days to explore the site fully and in detail. Sights range from the distinctive Thatbyinnyu and Ananda Temples to quaint and decaying pagodas.

The more you explore on a walk in this area the more that will be seen in this fascinating country.


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