Barcelona Beach

Barceloneta Beach

Barcelona, Spain

While there are far better beaches in the way of privacy, cleanliness and natural beauty, Barceloneta makes the list of best beaches in the World because of the pure entertainment value it provides beachgoers.

From the beautiful locals and tourists alike who lay out, soaking in the warm Spanish Sun, to the clubbing crowd who floods the top notch nightclubs by night, this place is an amazing venue. The infamous beach is the most popular in Barcelona and as a city beach, it is an immensely popular place for the city dwellers to escape the city heat and head for a dip in the sea to cool off. Located so close to many historical attractions, restaurants, and situated on the Mediterranean Sea, Barceloneta Beach is a must see when visiting the city of Barcelona.

Barceloneta Beach

flickr image by Nikos Roussos

The only downside in visiting the beach is that you should be prepared for the beach to be extremely crowded and a bit polluted as well. Being as popular as it is, these two annoyances are inevitable and yet one should not let these facts deter them from taking a visit. With so much to offer, it is easy to see why Barceloneta is one of the top rated beaches in the world.

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