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Blue Grotto

Capri, Italy

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Visitors travel to the Italian island of Capri just so they can visit the Blue Grotto. Also called Grotta Azzurra in Italian, the Blue Grotto is an immense sea cave. Sunlight enters through the small opening and a magical blue light fills the cave. The small opening is a challenge for visitors to Blue Grotto, as first they must take a boat to just outside the cave and then transfer to a very small rowboat to negotiate the entrance.

Visitors may need to lie down in the rowboat so it is able to fit when going through the small opening. Once inside, there is a large cavern to view, illuminated in the blue light. The height of the Blue Grotto reaches 14 metres, it is 60 metres long and has a width of 25 metres. Boats depart Marina Grande and head west to the Blue Grotto.

Marina Grande is a picturesque seaside community that is also where ferries and hydrofoils from mainland Italy arrive at. Buses depart Anacapri to take tourists to the Blue Grotto. At Anacapri there is the Church of San Michele, Piazza Armando Diaz, Casa Rossa and the Church of Santa Sofia to visit.


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