Brela Beach Croatia

Brela Beach

Brela, Croatia

Located on the Adriatic coast of Croatia near Split, Brela beach is one of the most uniquely beautiful places in the entire world. The Punta Rata beach in Brela has been ranked by many as the number 1 beach in all of Europe and a top 10 beach in the world.

Brela Beach, Croatia

flickr image by Daniel Newcombe

This area in the Adriatic is rich with beautiful beach spots with the massive amount of coastline and hundreds of islands that dot the Croatian coast. Of them all, Punta Rata remains the premier beach in the region. The lush green landscape that stretches down to the unspoiled, sun soaked beaches provides a beautiful natural environment.

Brela Beach Croatia

flickr image by Daniel Newcombe

While the conveniences of resort and city life are nearby, it is still possible to take a day trip along the coast and carve out your own little space of private beach. While tourism has increased exponentially in recent years, the area is in no way as overrun by tourism as many of the other beaches among the World’s best.

Brela Beach Croatia

flickr image by genchi71

For its nature, its non-developed areas and its appeal as a beach that isn’t solely for resort travelers, Brela is a place in the world that is still for now exactly what we look for in a top beach.

Brela Beach Sunset

flickr image by clairemeneely

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