Camp Nou

Barcelona, Spain

Camp Nou is home to the enormously popular football club FC Barcelona, and with a capacity just under 100,000 people, is also the largest stadium in all of Europe. While the stadium may appear a bit underwhelming from the exterior, just wait until you enter through the gates. The stadium is built into the ground upon entering on the ground level, you are already far above the field level. The Stadium and museum tour offered is wonderful, complete with great little known facts that football fans will love. Even to those who may not be huge football fans, the stadium tour is very impressive. If you get the chance to come and enjoy a game at Camp Nou, the environment at game time is absolutely electric. The chants from the crowd and the passion shown by the fans are incredible and something everyone should see once! The tours are a great way to familiarize you with the team and culture before heading to a game and packages with both the tour and game tickets are available.

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