Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba Island, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

If you go to the mountainous Cat Ba Island, around Halong Bay, allow time to go to the Cat Ba National Park. The park is a wonder of native plant species, birds and 32 types of mammals. The golden-headed langur can be found here and around 60 of this endangered primate live on Cat Ba. You can easily arrange guides to undertake the 18 kilometre (6 hours) hike through dense green jungle. It’s a challenging walk and extremely slippery after rain so wear good walking shoes and take proper hiking equipment with you. Although you can walk unaccompanied, a guide is recommended as they will highlight key features. A walk on this or any of the other islands in this region is highly recommended. I did one and even after light rain, the track, and rocks we had to climb over, were very slippery. I slid down mud banks, walked over bridges hastily made out of bamboo poles or fallen tree and generally had a great time.

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