Catherdral Duomo Milan

Milan, Italy

User Rating     : 5 out of 5

Viewing the massiveness of this cathedral, it is hard to believe that it is only the 4th largest in all of Europe. The structure took over 500 years to build and it is no wonder why, as the attention to detail is awe inspiring. The gargoyle statues are stunning and can be seen by taking the stairs of the elevator, although there is a fee. Finding a good tour guide to show you this attraction can prove invaluable as there is so much to see here and the cathedral enjoys such a rich history. While it may only be the 4th largest cathedral in Europe, you would be hard pressed to find a cathedral that is as intricate and beautiful as this towing gothic structure. If you are considering a trip to Milan, planning a few hours to explore this massive attraction is a must and it is no wonder why this is the most popular attraction in Milan.


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