Coruh River Rafting

Coruh River Rafting

Coruh River, Turkey

If white water river rafting is what you want, the Çoruh River in Turkey will provide exactly that. Get ready for a journey with a total distance of 206 kilometres (128 miles) on one of the fastest flowing rivers in the world. The entire journey will deliver rapids ranging from a calm grade three to a roaring grade five, giving rafters the ultimate challenge.

You will start at Bayburt, the provincial capital of the Bayburt Province and formerly a part of the Silk Road trade network. It was visited by Marco Polo and the ruins of the Byzanite castle still remains there today.

Your river journey will take you through Ispir, a small village, and Yusufeli, a town in the region of the Black Sea. The countryside of this area comprises trees and mountains, guaranteed to keep you visually occupied and leave you in awe.

From Yusufeli, you will follow the river to Camlikaya and then finally your journey will take you to Tekkale. From here you will travel to Artvin where your river adventure will come to an end. This journey is demanding in terms of distance and duration but, in the end, it will be well worth it. It will take you deep into the secluded Kaçkar Mountains and you will even see rice plantations on the banks of the river.

In Yusufeli, you can visit the Ishan fortress and church, the Cevreli-Meydan citadel and explore the history of the underground tunnels and storerooms. In Tekkale, guides take you up into the mountains to explore the medieval Gregorian church, known as the Dörtkilise.

Turkey is a country rich in culture and history, and this white water river rafting trip displays it all.

If you are not one for complete seclusion, you will enjoy this journey. At almost every stop, you will find cafés where guides replenish their supplies. More than enough time is set aside for fishing and exploring, making this trip more than one that only has to do with water. Music and festivals will keep you busy as you learn about local folklore. On the river, between the rocks and boulders, you can spot the endangered Red Vulture as well as wild boars, bears and even goats.

The flow of the river will take you through gorges and high mountains. You will be captivated by ruins and even the more modern parts of the towns and cities.

Bayburt boasts impressive nurseries, where plants are grown to replenish the Bayburt forests, and also has beautiful parks. There are two caves that tourists can explore, named the Helva Köyü Buz Mağarası and the Çimağıl Mağarası.

The old Turkish baths can be found in Bayburt, as well as the Sirakayalar Waterfall. You can also explore the Catalcesme Underground City.

There is no doubt that the Çoruh River with its grade five rapids will take you to places you could never have imagined existed.

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