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Costa Rica Mountain Biking

Costa Rica

If taking your family on the typical package holiday makes you shudder with visions of overcrowded beaches, noise, sunburn and complaints from your children that they’re bored, consider taking your family to Costa Rica for an active, cycling, family holiday where fun and adventure are the memories you will take away from each day, not headaches!

With a well-developed, adventure tourism infrastructure, Costa Rican tour operators cater to the diverse interests and needs of families that have ‘play’ on their holiday agenda. If your desire is for that perfect blend of pleasant cultural experiences away from home and the excitement and thrill of a sporting holiday, then you are guaranteed to find it zinging along gorgeous, mountainous singletrack and through subtropical forests accompanied only by your guide and the iguanas, toucans and monkeys that inhabit the trail enroute.

Pedalling in this beautiful and sometimes rugged setting, adults and especially older children, will find a place to test themselves physically and also be delighted in the outdoor playground that is Costa Rica. Some tours have multi-sport offerings that combine such activities as zip-lining, hiking and paddling, whilst others offer classes on improving your mountain biking technique, skills and fitness.

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