Discovery Park

Seattle, Washington, United States of America

User Rating     : 4 out of 5

Seattle, on a evening when it isn’t raining, has many outdoors opportunities for romance. For me, it was Discovery Park that scored highest. Imagine enjoying a walk along one of the many trails through this huge 500+ acre park, and then coming across a lighthouse with a sensational sunset on the Puget Sound just behind it. It doesn’t need a photograph to capture the magic of such a vision; it’s one of those ‘Kodak’ moments that go straight to your memory. Following on from the spectacular views, both of the setting sun and the park, my partner and I drove back along Magnolia Boulevard and stumbled upon the beautiful Mondello Ristorante. Having originally considered a sandwich from Subway, this was a little departure from our intended daily budget, but the sunset had inspired us to turn this into a special evening, and the Mediterranean feel of this family-run restaurant certainly did that. The Italian food was way above our original expectations for supper that day and, together with the views and the service, helped cement that trip to Discovery Park as one of the top highlights in our visit to Seattle! Depending on your taste, you may find standing at the top of the Space Needle more your thing, but for me, sunset over the Puget Sound, and good food in a lovely restaurant (plus good company of course), made this an evening to remember.

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