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While Ecuador is often billed as a mountain biking venue for all skill levels, the real thrill of riding here is DOWNHILL! From the flanks of the 4,500 metre volcanic peak of Cotopaxi (after getting a lift to the setting off point courtesy of a hired driver), intrepid riders (that’s you) will launch onto a trail that runs in one direction—steeply down: A breathtaking descent with majestic views of Andean mountains and countryside. Not that you’ll be looking at that once you’ve begun your plunge.

If you want to actually take in the vistas around you, a more leisurely ride (yet still a physically taxing one due to altitude), amongst Incan ruins, volcanic rock formations and curious turquoise-coloured lochans that dot the high landscape, is probably more in order.

For somewhat less physically demanding riding options, the re-purposed rail bed, which once connected the cities of Bucay and San Lorenzo, is a nice alternative, as are the lower elevation climes of the rainforest and jungle. Dirt track and foot trails in lush selva and rainforest are a striking contrast to the oxygen-deprived, arid heights of the Andean high plain.

Adventurous mountain bikers with the need for speed and steeps, or those who hanker for tropical flora, fauna and the occasional mud-fest, Ecuador has the highs and lows you’re after.

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