El Confital Surfing

El Confital Surfing

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Throughout the 80s and 90s the Canaries became a sort of North Shore for European surfers. The islands are littered with world class breaks, many with power enough to be an adequate training ground for the real North Shore. El Confital is considered the best right in the Canaries and possibly all of Europe.

Many an ASP event has gone down in the serious right handers of El Confital. The wave breaks over a black lava reef and throws a rather large barrel that magnifies as it wraps around the reef.

The rides can range from 50-150m varying with swell direction and tides. El Confital breaks with a north to northwest swell direction and an easterly wind is offshore. The spot holds up to 10ft, at which size it is impressive and advisable for most surfers to just watch.

As with many breaks in the Canaries crowds can be an issue. The best plan it to try early mornings and check weekdays when locals may be at work. September to April is the best time to be surfing in the Canaries with regular swells, the more favourable wind patterns and hot sunny weather the norm.

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