Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States of America

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Bring your camera with you because visiting the Grand Canyon is going to be a visual treat. It is one of the most stunning places on earth. When the sun sets, the red colored walls of the Grand Canyon look as if they are on fire.

Grand Canyon

I have been there in a snow storm and it was simply breathtaking. Besides the sheer beauty, the immense size of the Grand Canyon at 277 miles long is amazing. The best way to see it for the first time is to book a nearby lodge/hotel so that you can take more than a day for sightseeing. Then ask your hotel to book you a tour of the Grand Canyon, so that you can really get a feel for the entire experience.

Winter snows at the Grand Canyon

Want to have fun? Book a helicopter tour! Want some exercise? Go hiking on its many trails. Either way you will never forget the experience!

Riding up the Grand Canyon

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