London, United Kingdom

I do not care what anyone says, Harrods is as much for shopping as it is for looking. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the crowds that surround it and the push that can occur going in and out doors, but, for me, it is Christmas every day of the year.

The shoe department, though not as large as Selfridges, is FAR more attentive and helpful, as are the staff in the cosmetics hall, contemporary fashions room and too many others to mention. The people who work here are largely hand-picked and are actually TRAINED to know what they are doing.

I have shopped for groceries, toiletries, shoes, clothes (mine and my sons), cosmetics and even had my eyes checked and glasses made there. Look beyond the ‘tourist’ and you will find the attraction.

(Image by alexanderward12 on Flickr)

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