Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Kau, Hawaii, United States of America

If you are fascinated by the earth’s volcanoes, this is a must visit attraction when you are on the big island of Hawaii. You can drive into the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and up the road to Crater Rim Drive to have amazing views. You can also take a hike to Kilauea Iki Crater, descending down to the crater floor. Or hike through lush jungle to the steam vents, catching site of exotic birds and beautiful orchids along the way. The park also has Jaggar Museum, which gives views of the Kilauea Crater. If it is active, you will be able to see the crater spewing gas into the air. Cool! Check with the park rangers to see if there is lava flowing, because if there is then it is fun to see it at night and the view of the stars from there is amazing! Admission to the park: $10

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