Iceland Mountain Biking


In the land of ‘fire and ice’, travel the rough tracks of Iceland’s breathtaking, isolated landscape for a multi-day journey that includes rough camping, or simply take a day out on winding, forest track near the bustling city of Reykjavík. At 305 kilometres (190 miles) wide by 483 kilometres (300 miles) long, Iceland is loaded with of a mixture of mountain and ocean terrain, as well as scenery that will delight mountain bikers of any callibre.

For a multiday journey, try the Westfjords, home to sea eagles and the arctic fox. Quieter and less travelled, explore not only 24 to 56 kilometres (15 to 35 miles) of cycling track each day, but many attractions along the way, including tranquil fishing villages, huge sea cliffs that hold a diversity of birdlife and pristine beaches. Experience the midnight sun as you soak in one of the ubiquitous, outdoor, geothermal springs.

Splendid wilderness mountain biking can also be found near Heidmork, an acclaimed conservation area near Reykjavik, which borders an active volcanic area. A rewarding, single-day ride can be completed that offers panoramic views of Reykjavík and the Hengill volcanic system, on trails that roll through conifer forest and past local, warm springs.

Secluded and breathtaking in its beauty, enjoy a holiday in the northern climes of Iceland for something a bit out of the norm.

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