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Perhaps India is not the first country that comes to mind when you imagine venues where you long to go mountain biking. But why not? India has everything that makes for fantastic riding mixed with life-changing adventure. Picture the varied terrain that encompasses everything from tropical lowlands to tea plantations to soaring mountains. Think of the fact that the rural population has walked everywhere, creating paths that connect every imaginable remote corner of the nation. Add in a culture that offers you temples to visit, exotic birds and animals to view, and vibrant artwork and clothing to appreciate.

In recent years, a multitude of companies have capitalised on all the excitement and adventure of mountain biking in India. These tour operators will usually meet you in a major city airport and whisk you off to your destination.

For those who wish to sample coastal terrain and tropical climates with mountains thrown in, take a trip through Kermala, the state at the southwest tip of the sub-continent. The riding is easy to moderate for the most part.

Looking instead for fierce challenge? Sign up for a ride in the Himalayas. From Delhi, these trips take you to ride at high altitude, sharing the tracks with people on foot and trains of yaks. Some of the trips even include the Pindari Glacier Trail, 90 km at an altitude above 3,000 metres.

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