Ipanema Beach

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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The famed beach in Rio de Janeiro even has its mention in a popular musical number. Situated right near the heart of the massive city, Ipanema Beach is one of the most famous beaches in all of Brazil and its sandy shores on the edge of the big city have made it a large tourist draw year in and year out.

Things to Do in Ipanema Beach

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Tourists come here in huge numbers for the gorgeous beaches and locals and the even hotter nightlife scene that is unrivaled in this part of the world. The beach is nearby many large resorts, dining and entertainment options and is frequented by millions of tourists annually.

Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro

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Whether you are venturing here to explore the club scene, or experience the one of a kind festival of Carnivale with millions of other locals and tourists alike, there is no shortage of amazing and exciting things to do here and Ipanema’s city beach vibe reflects the exciting, fun hearted vibe of the locals.

Travel Ipanema Beach

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In a country like Brazil which is well known for its beautiful beaches, Ipanema is likely the most popular beach in the country and has a firm grasp on its spot as one of the world’s best and most interesting beaches.

Tour to Ipanema Beach

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