Jeffreys Bay Surfing

Jeffreys Bay Surfing

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

A smoking Jeffreys Bay line-up is a sight to behold. J-Bay in South Africa has long been on the list of the world’s best waves. It is a loooong right hand point break, over a rock and sand bottom, with seven different sections over a 1.5km stretch of coastline.

Boneyards is at the top of the point. It receives more swell than the rest and breaks more often. Next is Supertubes; this is the reason people travel to J-Bay. Supertubes is fast, real fast. At Supertubes there is the chance to get barrelled, race down the line and race some more, carve and really feel the board under your feet. Here there is time to draw out the surfing experience.

Next in line is Impossibles and most of time it is just that, impossible to make. After Impossibles is the small section of reef known as Tubes, again this is a self-explanatory name. It tubes from start to finish and is a little less crowded because if Tubes is on, so is Supertubes.

Coins, Point and Albatross are at the tail end of the bay. By this time the wave has lost some of its size and power, making for a good spot for intermediates and beginners to get a wave at the famous J-Bay.

Jeffreys Bay needs a big south swell to break, though it is not known for being a consistent wave. It breaks on all tides and is offshore in a south-westerly. From April to September is the best time to catch Jeffreys Bay working. There is every price range of accommodation around the town of Jeffreys Bay, some (not even the most expensive) are directly looking over the wave.

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