Joaquina Surfing

Joaquina Surfing

Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Joaquina is definitely a world class beach break. Contests both international and national have been held there since the mid 80s and it holds a central place in the psyche of south Brazilian surfers.

Joaquina has a semi-point setup over hard packed sand and a long stretch of beach with numerous peaks. Thick, powerful and sometimes hollow Joaquina packs a punch. The point is a left. Further down the beach, peaks break both ways.

The banks along the beach are always working due to constant replenishment from a large sand dune system at one end and those banks can hold big swells. Joaquina is open to all swell directions and will hold up to 3 times overhead when it is one super hollow and heavy beachbreak.

The beach is close to the major Brazilian city of Florianopolis and draws a crowd during summer time and weekends. Midweek and especially in winter it is possible to find an empty beach break. In summer the beach is central to a thriving beach party scene. There is also the added bonus of being able to night-surf under lights erected by the local council.

Florianopolis and Joaquina beach are on Santa Catarina Island joined to mainland Brazil via bridges. There are numerous other less crowded and consistent surf breaks on the island.

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