Kyomizudera Temple

Kyoto, Japan

You know a place must be pretty special when the whole town has around 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites alone. One of Kyoto’s many World Heritage Sites is Kyomizudera Temple. The name of the temple means “pure water temple” and it was founded all the way back in 780 AD and today it is one of the most revered and celebrated temples in all of the country. It offers amazing views and photo opportunities in spring and autumn when the temple is surrounded by blossoming cherry blossoms or deep orange maple leaves. The temple complex is large and walking up to it is pleasant too as you stroll past lovely souvenir and Japanese art and craft stores. When you arrive at the temple, you should look out for the Jishu Shrine, which is devoted to the god of love. In front of the shrine are two large stones and it is said that if you close your eyes and walk between the stones successfully, then you will be lucky in love. A trip to the ancient and cultural capital of Japan should include this beautiful temple.

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