Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, California, United States of America

Laguna Beach is one of the most impressive and beautiful beaches in the world and its unique green cliffs stretch down to sandy beaches that host surfers and sunbathers daily in the temperate Southern Californian Climate. From the small town feel of the main city of Laguna Beach on down to the laid back, chilled out attitude of the local, this place has a beach vibe unlike any other.

The serenity in sitting on the beach here and watching the white capped waves roll ashore is therapeutic. Laguna Beach is considered one of the most gorgeous beaches in Southern California, an area that has many of the world’s top beaches. You won’t see the masses of tourists here as you might in other more popular beaches in the area and the privacy and silence is one of the selling points of this gorgeous coastal region.

The lush green, tree lined hills abutting the shoreline give way to mansions of wealthy locals nearby and this area is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country. It is no wonder why Laguna Beach is ranked as a top California beach and one of the best beaches in the world.

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