Las Islas Cies Beach

Las Islas Cies Beach

Las Islas Cies, Spain

Spain is a country rich in culture history and bright Sandy beaches. Las Islas Cies is a group of islands off the coast of Spain that is home to some of the most beautiful, well preserved beaches on Earth. In 1980 the islands were declared a natural reserve and this has kept the beautiful beaches here relatively unspoiled.

Las Islas Cies Beach

flickr image by Alexandre Diz

The Rodas Beach is a stunning place to spend the day and has been ranked by many as one of the World’s best beaches. The island has  camping, supermarket, visitor center and restaurant to serve visitors and the relative non development here is part of why this small group of islands near mainland Spain is so alluring to adventurous travelers.

The rocky mountainous terrain stretches off the light blue waters toward the equally light blue sky and the islands rugged terrain is symbolic of its resiliency as an untarnished natural wonderland. An easy boat ride from the neighboring islands is available for tourists during the summer months and the area makes for a terrific island adventure for those willing to rough it away from the conveniences available in more developed beach areas.

eGuide rated Las Islas Cies beach as the 10th best beach in the World

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