Travel Levadas Trails Madeira

Levadas Trails Madeira

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira has a network of special trails that run alongside the levadas which is adapted form the Portuguese word, “levar”, meaning to carry. These are unique canals dug into the hills that are used in irrigation to distribute rainfall from the luscious and fertile regions of the north to the more arid southern area. Usually the water is stored in tanks for use on banana plantations and other agricultural areas.

Levadas Trails Madeira

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The levadas cross mountains and cover 2500km. They make excellent walking trails and allow visitors and locals to appreciate some of the stunning natural beauty on the island of Madeira.  Walks can be short distance or more longer and challenging trails and are ideal for all levels of visitor. Some of the best areas include Pico Grande where there are chestnut forests and a spectacular canyon. There is also the famous balcony walk to Pico Ruivo, Madeira’s highest peak at 1862 metres.

Walking the levadas is an excellent way to experience Madeira and to walk a very different kind of trail. Once the walk is finished there are beaches, Madeira wine tasting and botanical gardens to explore on this popular island.


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