Adelaide Live Music

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

On my way to Adelaide, I was warned to be prepared for a quiet but relaxing holiday. Melbournians consider Adelaide somewhat of a ‘backwater’, a claim fiercely rebuffed by the Adelaide locals. On my first night in Adelaide, the signs weren’t looking good. When the stores closed, most of the streets started to empty. I decided to find anything live in Adelaide. I am a fan of live music and try to see the best in live music at each town I visit. Adelaide was a challenge. I was walking the street for an hour and the closest I got to hearing music was from the cars passing me with the windows too low and the stereo too high. Finally, I stepped into a pub and started talking to some of the younger patrons. As soon as I mentioned ‘backwater’, they jumped out of their seats and grabbed my shoulder while headed towards the door. It was a little unnerving; I was expecting a fight. I was almost accepting of my fate when they turned down the street talking up a place called ‘HQ Complex’. HQ is a renovated hotel which had been transformed into a multi-entertainment venue. Stepping inside, I instantly forgot the quiet streets outside. The place was pumping this night and, from the photos on the wall, I assumed it was pumping most nights. Music was coming out of most rooms and HQ catered from a variety of musical tastes. But I was there for live music and it didn’t take long to find what I was looking for. I could not remember the name of the band playing but, by the end of the night, there were a lot of things I couldn’t remember! The next morning I woke up to the same quiet streets and, after a night at HQ, I was grateful for a few quiet moments in Adelaide. Reviewer: Troy Krippen

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