Mar del Plata Beach

Mar del Plata, Argentina

Located to the southeast of the massive world city of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata is a resort city that caters to serving the wealthy Argentines, Chileans, Brazilians and Uruguayans who flock here to enjoy this stunning beach located on Argentina’s Atlantic coast.

As the 7th largest city in all of Argentina, Mar del Plata is much more than just a seasonal city built solely for vacationers. However, with over 7 million tourists who visit each year, the city’s economy is based mostly on the tourism industry.

Its close proximity to other large South American cities makes the beaches here some of the most frequented on the entire continent rivaled by only Punta del Este in Uruguay, Vina del Mar in Chile and of course the massively popular beaches of Brazil.

The majority of tourists who come to Mar del Plata do so to escape the city heat of Buenos Aires and escape to the cooler coastal beach. The warm, but mild coastal climate and the trendy eclectic vibe of the surrounding city creates a completely unique experience for beachgoers looking to catch a tan on the city’s gorgeous beaches.

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