Margaret River Surfing

Margaret River Surfing

Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia

Margaret River is a mighty wave; mighty thick, mighty big and mighty consistent. It is one of Australia’s premier big wave spots. Essentially Marg’s is a left reef break over rocks but the shorter right is also surfed.

Marg’s will break from 2ft to 15ft. Ideal is 6ft-8ft, ideal meaning a heavy drop into a meaty bowl, then a gaping barrel and a wall that opens for one of the best power carving sections on the planet.

On medium size days those not game for the peak can sit wide and still dart in to pick of the smaller waves. The reward is a chance to sample Margaret River and her glory, the cost invariable paid is a tumbling by a set wave. This break is only for those absolutely confident in their surfing. The beach break near the actual river mouth is a more forgiving wave.

Margaret River breaks best in a west to southwest swell, with an east wind coming off shore, but the offshore is not essential. The break is still surfable, and good, in onshore conditions.

Waves can be had at Marg’s year round with October to May being the better time of year for swell. Margaret River is also famous for its viticulture and a day spent vineyard hopping is a cultural (depending how you drink) touch to a West Oz surf trip.

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