Matterhorn-Hornli Hut Trek

Matterhorn-Hornli Hut Trek

Matterhorn, Switzerland

The Matterhorn is one of the best known mountains in the world and there are a number of classic trails in the area surrounding it. One of the best known and challenging is the trek from Zermatt to the Hornli Hut. The Hornligrat is the craggy north east ridge leading to the summit and whilst the upper half is suited to climbers a four hour trek from the Schwarzee to the Hornli Hut is possible for experienced walkers.

Travel Matterhorn-Hornli Hut Trek

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It is also possible for visitors to walk from the picturesque village of Zermatt through the alpine huts at Zmutt to the Schwarzee and perhaps carry on to the Hornli Hut. The walk traverses alpine meadows, forest and mountain paths and is a classic route. Visitors walking all the way from Zermatt to Hornli may consider staying overnight in the Hornli Hut before descending the following day into Zermatt.

The Hornli Hut has very impressive views of the rock walls of the east face of the Matterhorn and climbers can be seen with binoculars. One of the best sights in the Alps is to see the Matterhorn without cloud and to look out at the panoramic views that are part of this walk in Switzerland.


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