Morning Market

Vientiane, Laos

This is the best place in Vientiane to shop for most things and to buy mementos of your trip to Laos. Even though it’s a labyrinthine, and the alleys are narrow, it’s quite easy to negotiate. Upstairs are many aisles of clothes, shoes and jewellery! I bought so many scarves and pashminas there I can open a shop! They are unique, beautiful and extremely cheap. They also sell gorgeous silver goods including small intricately carved silver jewellery boxes which cost me less than $10 for a small one. The silver belts the Lao ladies wear can be found here too. They are priced by weight and the percentage of silver. This is also the place to shop if you need a new phone, DVD’s, stationery or even kitchen ware. The Lao stall holders are really easy to deal with. Negotiate with them but not too hard – they’re gentle people and generally want to please. Go inside the multi-storied building for a nice coffee and a chat with the locals. Th Lan Xang

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