Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

Paris, France

The Moulin Rouge has had a vast cultural influence throughout the world. The number of films, documentaries, and books written about the venue is incredible. There is even a hotel in Las Vegas that was inspired by the venue. There is no question that it is one of the most famous musical attractions on the planet.

It has a long and colourful history since its opening in 1888. The famous cabaret club is based in an old windmill that is red and located on the top of the roof—this is where the name Moulin Rouge, meaning ‘Red Windmill’, came from. The venue is known for many things, but probably the most famous product of it is the cancan dance, which is recognised internationally.

Today the Moulin Rouge operates as a very popular tourist destination. The performances at the venue are music and dance based, and yes, they are a touch risqué—if you are not comfortable with watching topless dancing then it would be a venue you should avoid. For most people though, this is all a part of the history of the venue and only adds to the authenticity of the experience.

While music does form a large part of the performance at the Moulin Rouge, it is so much more than this. There are acrobats, comedians, and jugglers. The Moulin Rouge is as much an entertainment venue as it is a musical one. The evening is one that can be enjoyed even more if you decide to have a meal at the venue; there are multiple ticket types and one of them includes dinner. This will provide you with a delicious meal as well as getting you one of the better seats in the house.

Those who arrive early will be treated to music from an orchestra while they enjoy dinner. When the actual show begins you will be impressed by the singers and dancers, who are adorned with incredibly elaborate costumes. The sets are equally ornate and really make you feel as if you have been transported back in time to a romantic period in Paris’ past.

If you have not opted to have dinner, then it would still be worth arriving early. The best seats are generally given on a first come first serve basis. But there have been reports that those who are well dressed will be given better seats, so dress for the occasion!

The tickets are expensive, but to be able to experience a place with so much history and atmosphere it is well worth the money. The show is excellent, the food superb, and the whole experience is topped off by being able to enjoy champagne as part of the ticket price. If you do enjoy drinking, go for the tickets that include champagne, as otherwise drinks will cost you a small fortune. The Moulin Rouge is one of the most famous entertainment venues in the world and a trip to Paris is simply incomplete without it.

(flickr image by Pep_Parés)


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