Mundaka Surfing

Mundaka Surfing

Mundaka, Basque Country, Spain

The pilgrimage to Mundaka is a goofy footers birthright. Those long corduroy swell lines ripping along the near flawless, rivermouth sandbar, draw left footed surfers to Mundaka like disciples to the messiah.

The small village of Mundaka and its fabled rivermouth lie deep in the Bay of Biscay, not too far from France, in the northeast corner of Spain. A long sandbar forms in the Mundaka river mouth and lines up with the incoming swell to produce freight train fast walls with deep, longer than long, barrels.

Mundaka Surfing Trip

flickr image by langio

To perfectly compliment Europe’s longest left, there is Europe’s best salt water escalator. There is a rip from the harbour all the way out to the take-off zone. Taking the rip means you don’t have the chance of jagging a wave that slipped through the crowd, but it will save your arms.

Mundaka is on when the swell is from the northwest and the winds southerly. September to December is the best time to arrive, avoid May to August as there is a low chance of any surf.

The village of Mundaka remains a slice of traditional Basque culture and refuses to be overly concerned with the surfers in town

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