Museum of London

London, England, United Kingdom

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The Museum of London is a great way to get a handle on the immense historical timeline of this great city. The museum, which is located near the Barbican Centre, documents the city of London from its pre-historic beginnings to the present day.

There are fascinating artefacts, displays, models and diagrams of different eras throughout the city’s history. Some of the most dramatic periods that are documented include Roman London, where you can see parts of the Roman City Wall; Medieval London; War, Plague and Fire; Civil War; The Great Fire of London; Suffragettes; World War I and II.

There are a number of permanent exhibits as well as ever changing visiting exhibitions that highlight different aspects of London and its place in history. Some of the artefacts on display include fascinating clothing and fashion including shoes from the 14th century, the Anne Fanshawe dress and a 7th century brooch. Other objects include a 17th century Lord Mayor’s coach and a marble head of the god Mithras.


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