Nepal Mountain Biking


Mountain biking in Nepal? Are you insane? Well, maybe, but no more insane than the climber who attempts an ascent of the world’s loftiest peaks, right?

Before you hop on the next flight to Kathmandu, it behoves you to ask yourself a few questions. How is your lung capacity? Fancy riding your mountain bike at elevations of 3,000 metres and over? And what about your nerve? Could you ride (or maybe walk) your bike over a swinging bridge suspended above a raging river? Are you eager to see the world’s highest mountain ranges? Are you eager to RIDE the tracks that most adventurous travellers trek on foot?

Then plan your next adventure to take you mountain biking in Nepal.

What’s on offer in Nepal? Bike hire for self-guided trips. Tour operators hosting rides to destinations with views of Annapurna or Everest. Journeys of two weeks from Kathmandu to Lhasa, Tibet, over breathtaking (in more than one sense of the word) passes. Temples, prayer flags flying in the breeze, tea with rancid butter, astonishing vistas and enough challenge for even the pluckiest soul.


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