Niagra Falls

Niagra Falls, Canada

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There is a reason Niagra Falls is on everyone’s bucket list. It is a natural wonder of the world that is absolutely breathtaking. The sheer size of it and the amount of water falling is stunning. The best way to tour it is to purchase the package which gives you access to go behind the Falls and take a trip on the Maiden of the Mist. If you stroll across the pedestrian bridge to Goat Island you will be in an ideal position to take some great photos of the Falls. Then you can stop for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, which is always fun. Also, consider coming back after dinner, because Niagra Falls is lit up at night with colored lights. The water drops in the mist catch the colors and light and it is beautiful and quite romantic. On Friday and Sunday nights there are also fireworks above the falls.

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