Noce River Rafting

Noce River, Italy

Explore a different side of Italy and take on the Noce River

Your love for adrenaline pumping, white water river rafting will eventually lead you to Italy to take on the rapids of the Noce River. This unique journey will take you through the Val di Sole, a valley situated in northern Italy, surrounded by snow topped mountains.

The river originates from the Corno dei Tre Signori Mountain which forms a part of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain range. As the river flows down, it forms a lake called Pian Palú. From this lake on, it flows further down through the Val di Sole where others steams join the powerful Noce River.

The Noce is fed by the melting alpine glaciers and roars through the Val di Sol, or the Valley of the Sun, taking you on a journey you will remember for years to come. You will be taken through the gorges of the Mostizzolo and experience rapids ranging from grades three to five.

As your journey reaches Cogolo, the Noce is joined by the Noce Bianco and you will have to fight the rapids to come out victorious. You will face waves that push you towards the boulders, the sharp river banks and rugged terrain that surrounds the river.

It’s perfect for kids as well, as many companies arrange trips specifically for children. Of course, the rapids are not very difficult and they are placed as far out of harm’s way as possible.

In deciding to go on this trip, you can opt, not only go for the white water river rafting adventures, but to include more. Italy is a beautiful country and, as you will already be in the Val di Sole, you can extend your stay and let the explorer inside take over a little bit.

Visit the numerous national parks, including the Adamello Brenta Natura Park and the Stelvio National Park. Be mesmerised by lakes and waterfalls as you explore the Alpine Arch and find yourself on the lookout for brown bears. The Adamello Brenta Natura Park is the only alpine area that is still inhabited by the brown bear and is, thus, a highly protected area and park. While in the Stelvio National Park, you can head to Rabbi and Peio to visit the thermal springs. Indulge in some spa treatments while taking in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

By the time your stay in this area is over, you will be tired of seeing lakes, as the area boasts almost 100 lakes, including the Lago-Rotondo, Lago Alto and Lago Covel.

You might find that the highlight of your exploration will be the Val di Sole Dolomites. It is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage site and is preserved due to the geological importance placed upon it. Found in the northern Italian alps, the 18 peaks will keep your eyes fixed as you study the numerous valleys that form between the peaks, which tower up to 3,000 feet high.

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