North Johnstone River Rafting

North Johnstone River, Queensland, Australia

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The North Johnstone River provides white water river rafting enthusiasts with grades four and five rapids, making it one of Australia’s most challenging rivers.

This is a long and advanced rafting trip and should not be taken on lightly. The duration of this particular trip ranges from between four and six days, and the river can only be run between April and June.

The closest town where you will most probably stay before embarking on your white water river rafting adventure is Cairns. It is a city in Queensland, situated in the far north. Established in 1876, it has quite an interesting history. It was used as an export point for gold and, being mostly mangrove swamps and sand ridges, labourers were used to transform the landscape into what it is today.

Cairns was also used as a staging base for operations in the Pacific during the World War II. During the Battle of the Coral Sea, support forces were flown from this specific staging base.

A helicopter takes you to the starting point in Palmerston National Park, as it is the only means of access to the area. During your trip into the park, you can expect beautiful views that you will never forget.

Your journey on this roaring river will take you through canyons carved by the forceful waters and deep into the Palmerston National Park’s rainforest. At night, luminous fungi, known to grow on the boulders and rocks of the river, can be seen while you kick back after a long day’s hard work.

Your visual experience will be nothing short of amazing, as waterfalls and the lush growth of the rainforest surrounds you. The Mineshaft rapid and the 182 metre (600 feet) high Breccia Falls are just two of the highlights you will experience on your second day of rafting.

This particular journey will allow you to face the Moordoor rapids that take you through angled obstacles and forceful rapids. Due to the volcanic gorges, you can be sure that your strength and reaction senses will be put to the test.

There is no shortage of wildlife and those who have the guts to take on the rapids might see freshwater turtles, various fish species and egrets. Some people have even spotted pythons on the banks of the river as they bake in the sun. The flora is spectacular, with King Ferns and Kauri trees along the banks of the river.

Past columns of basalt, with water crashing down around you, you move further down the river where you face the Mushroom and Rooster Tail rapids.

Many guides will also take you on a hike, up a creek, to see the Champagne Falls. During your journey, the Stairway to Heaven, a waterfall approximately 46 metres (150 feet) high, can be seen. It is important to know that this particular waterfall is said to be an Aboriginal burial site.

Filled with history and adventures, this white water river rafting trip can be expanded to include the areas surrounding the river as well as exploring the Palmerston National Park.

With its many attractions and forceful rapids, you can be sure that this trip will not let you down.

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