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What do you think of when someone says, “Norway”? Do you visualise fjords and rugged, coastal scenery or imagine healthy, wholesome people in a clean, efficient nation? Perhaps you remember the spectacular mountain images of the Winter Olympics of 1994? Or maybe you think of wildflowers and the long summer twilight of such northerly latitudes?

Experience it all when you take a mountain biking trip to this beautiful country.

Lillehammer, venue of the Olympics, has transformed itself into an international mountain biking destination. With its extensive ski-lift system already in place for winter sports and plenty of nearby amenities for visitors, it was no big step for this lovely Norwegian town to create amazing bike parks and downhill mountain biking opportunities. Miles of trails meander through woodlands and around small lakes and rivers, offering days of singletrack joy to those inclined to cross-country riding.

Or take a completely different approach and travel a section of the North Sea Cycle Route, with side trips to sample mountain biking detours along the way. Use the well-run ferry and train systems to hop from leg to leg of your trip along the west coast, assembling your choice of segments based on skill and fitness levels. Stick to gravel roads through the countryside or take on the mountains with gusto.

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