Patagonia Mountain Biking

Patagonia, Chile

The windswept Chilean Patagonia conjures up images of some of the most beautiful and brutal landscape in South America. The remote backdrop of cirques, cliffs and arêtes in Torres del Paine National Park are dazzlingly set against the clear blue of a southern hemisphere’s summer sky. Indeed, it is difficult to keep one’s eyes on the track ahead when in a place of such raw, physical beauty; a place where glaciers, volcanoes, fjords, world-class rivers and lovely native forest beckon.

Eco-tourism, of the sort where you can ride through such spectacular terrain by day and soak in a wood-fired Jacuzzi by night, is becoming increasingly popular amongst those who travel here. Also growing in popularity are tours that incorporate some humanitarian services or an element of spiritual practice. Riders may volunteer with a local charity or project, or take part in morning meditation or yoga sessions. This is a far cry from years long past, when only the bravest of souls would venture out.

The Patagonia may be captivating in her beauty, but she is not kind to those who come unprepared. The Chilean Patagonia offers adventures aplenty, but without the suffering formerly required. With comfortable eco-lodges and cosy cabins to retire to in the evening after a day of pedalling with a guide, you can still enjoy the pleasures of a good meal, a chat by the hearth and a quiet night.

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