Playa Papagayo Beach

Playa Papagayo Beach

Playa Papagayo, Spain

Playa Papagayo is one of the hidden gems among the World’s best beaches, lesser known than the big name tourist beaches and yet unmatched in privacy and beauty.

Located on the Southern tip of Lanzarote the beach can be reached by car or boat from the nearby Playa Blanca. The Golden sands of Playa Papagayo provide the ideal beach setting and yet this place is not overrun with tourists or big resorts moving in to capitalize on its pristine shores.

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The unspoiled nature and subsequent privacy that this affords guests here make Play Papagayo one of the best little beaches out there for off the beaten trail paradise seekers.

The nearby Playa Blanca is equipped with all the big resorts and amenities travelers expect of a beach getaway and setting up shop in Playa Blanca before venturing out to Playa Papagayo is a common strategy for beach going tourists.

The beach is only reached by a dirt road or by hiking, a fact that helps keep this little stretch of sand reserved for the adventurous travelers only. Though lesser known to the mainstream travelers, Playa Papagayo is without question one of the best little beaches in Europe.

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