Puerto Escondido Surfing

Puerto Escondido Surfing

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Puerto Escondido or the Mexican Pipeline is a beach break, but not just a regular fun beachie. It is the heaviest beach break in the world. When a swell hits Puerto the ground under feet shakes, the men are separated from the boys and the local board repairers (and sometimes paramedics) are kept busy.

Puerto Escondido faces almost due south and picks up the same swells that light up Peru and Chile’s coastlines. The reason for Puerto’s ferocity is there is no continental shelf off the coastline. Instead there is a deep oceanic trench, pulling in the swell.

Puerto Escondido Surfing Mexico

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Puerto Escondido is very consistent and often goes all summer long being head high or bigger. It can hold up to eight times overhead. When it’s small (head high) waves break on the same sandbar all day long, but as it grows in size clean up sets are more frequent. On the subject of being cleaned up, Puerto is not always a makeable wave and close-outs are common.

The sandbar in front of the town is a right and the main, highly photographed break. Further along the beach there is also the Far Bar, normally a left and a little deeper and some say a heavier wave. At the entrance to the bay there is also a point break. A not so heavy left that still breaks double overhead but can accommodate those who came just to see the Mex Pipe and keep their lives. Actually the coastline north and south of Escondido has plenty of fun to serious breaks and if they are not famous, they are often not crowded.

Puerto Escondido is a year round surf break. November to April is a little smaller and the main swells arrive between May and October. It will often get blown out by midmorning, and then the wind will swing back offshore late in the day. The town of Puerto Escondido has plenty of accommodation and a party reputation.

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