Raglan Surfing

Raglan Surfing

Raglan, North Island, New Zealand

Raglan is a long mechanical left hand pointbreak. Well, it is actually three long mechanical left hand pointbreaks, that sometimes connect.

The rolling hills of the New Zealand countryside visible from the line-up; the friendly Kiwi’s living in Raglan (New Zealand people, not their national flightless bird) and the often moody skies offshore, make visiting Raglan a quintessential Kiwi experience, with amazing waves.

The furthest out of Raglan’s three points is called Indicators. It is very consistent due to its exposed nature and breaks from 2ft to 10ft. It is a fast walling wave and at low tide is good for chasing barrels. Indicators can give rides up to 600m long and on huge swells will break into Whale Bay.

Raglan Surfing Trip

flickr image by Jun Kaneko

Whale Bay has a hollow inside section that breaks close to the rocks and an outside section that breaks on swells over 4ft. Whale bay can break for an easy 200m ride. Next in is Manu Point, which is generally a little smaller than Indicators but still with 300m long rides. As Manu moves down the line it alternates between hollow tubing and big walled sections.

Raglan is a blessedly consistent spot with surf year round. Local wind swell and ground swell will make it work, though a decent southwest swell sets the place on fire. Raglan is offshore in southeast winds.

Raglan can be reached within 2 hours of Auckland international airport. There is a range of accommodation options in the town.

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