Ratanga Junction

Cape Town, South Africa

Ratanga Junction is a theme park in Cape Town, South Africa, that is seasonal (open in the summer months), which is particularly good for families.

While there are several thrill rides, many of them are comparatively tame, however, the Cobra is self-proclaimed as a “super thrill ride”. The Cobra is a suspended, looping roller coaster and reaches speeds up to 100 kmph (62 mph). Riders are sent upside down and suspended below the track, so visitors’ feet are dangling during the intense ride.

If the Cobra seems a bit much for you, not to worry, Ratanga Junction has plenty of less intense roller coasters and rides. Water rides, such as the log flumes, or Monkey Falls, and the river rapids ride, Crocodile Gorge, are great for hot days. Just expect to get wet!

If you intend to take the family, be sure to check out the children’s area. Ratanga Junction offers a wide range of kiddies’ rides, from bumper cars to a carousel and ferris wheel. There are shows and other entertainment available as well.

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