Saint Leu Surfing

Saint Leu Surfing

Reunion Island, Reunion, France

Saint Leu is a left hand reef, breaking in the crystal clear waters of Reunion Island. When the Rip Curl Pro Search was the first ever ASP World Tour contest given a “licence to roam” they headed straight for St Leu.

Saint Leu starts with a quick drop leading into a long walled section, a barrel on the inside and an exit into the channel. The paddle back is super easy, the barrel section reliably makeable and the opening wall has plenty of room for big carving or launching calculated lip attacks. Couple all this with amazing water clarity and palm trees in the background Saint Leu becomes another of the world’s surfing paradises.

Saint Leu Surfing Trip

flickr image by Vincent/H

Reunion Island is French owned but lies 200km east of Madagascar. St Leu is on the west side of the island. It is well exposed to Southern Ocean swells and the wind. Southwest swells are best and usually come between April and October. East to southeast wind is offshore. Reunion has plenty of accommodation but can be pricey.

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