Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

If you’ve ever wanted to know how kitchen appliances work, how pollution affects our everyday lives or how sportspeople use their bodies to the best of their ability, then Scienceworks is the place to go! Scienceworks, located in the Melbourne suburb of Spotswood, educates and informs visitors about all sorts of things that we deal with on a daily basis, but don’t really know too much about if someone were to ask us how it works.

Predominantly for the amusement and education of children (although adults may learn a thing or two), Scienceworks uses interactive displays and games to help people understand the science behind the everyday. There are several permanent exhibitions that have stood the test of time, including a section where you can race against Cathy Freeman- an interactive game that was there when I last visited the place over 15 years ago! Strangely enough, participating now still holds the same thrill as it did then, but I’m sad to say my racing time hasn’t improved by much (if at all).

In the Sportsworks exhibition, you can also measure your fitness levels, test your skills at different sporting events and learn about famous Australian sportspeople who have gone on to become Olympic or national sporting heroes. Other exhibitions that were on when I went recently include one where you can learn about the home and how different appliances work, an exhibit where you learn about measurements, a garden-themed science exploration and a collection of optical illusions.

In the same building (but for an extra charge), you can visit the planetarium and learn all about space, watch a lightning show in the Lightning Room or have a tour of the historic Pumping Station (where Melbourne’s sewerage system was first centralised). Visiting Scienceworks is full of hands-on entertainment, and greatly differs from your average museum experience, which is what makes it so unique.

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