Soup Bowl Surfing

Soup Bowl Surfing

Bathsheba, Saint Joseph, Barbados

The Soup Bowl is one of the best waves in the Caribbean and definitely up there with the world’s best waves. In fact, Kelly Slater rates in his top three waves on the planet.

A right hand reef on the east coast of Barbados, Soup Bowls serves up deep grinding pits and at times has a shape conducive to launching big airs. It is a high performance wave that suits today’s style of pro surfing trickery, thus when it is on the boys fly in, shutterbugs in toe.

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Soup Bowls and the east coast of Barbados in general is a very consistent surf location. But, the problem is the wind. The prevailing winds are onshore and can be blow up year round. Early morning sessions can be a good bet as is snoozing in a hammock with one eye on the surf. The winds stop and conditions change in minutes. If spending time in the area this is also a good tactic to beat the crowd and score the goods.

Soup Bowl Surfing trip

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For Soup Bowls to break the best swells come in from the north. Double overhead is about classic Soup Bowls size with a mid to rising tide. November to March is the best time to visit Barbados for surfing.

Soup Bowls is close to the town of Bathsheba, which is the centre of Barbados’s surfing community. It has plenty of accommodation available. No surf trip to Barbados would be complete without at least one night on the local rum but be weary of strong home brews or surfing the next day is off the cards.

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