Spiaggia Sabbie Nere Beach

Vulcano, Italy

The jet black sandy shores at Spiaggia Sabbie Nere near the Italian island of Sicily provides one of the most unique settings of any beach in the Mediterranean Sea. In this part of the world where beautiful beaches are plentiful and the warm temperate sea invites the masses of tourists, Spiaggia Sabbie Nere provides beach goers with something a little different.

Travelers eager to see the unique beach and the impressive natural surroundings on the island of Vulcano can catch a ferry to the island to see this one of a kind remote natural setting. Sicily and its surrounding islands are well known for their Southern European location and warm temperatures year round. After all the warm shores of Northern Africa are not far away and the warm jet black sand on Spiaggia Sabbei Nere can heat up in the summer months providing a beach experience that is unrivaled.

With so much to take in, you will want to get here early and make a day of it. From the Volcano to the unusual shoreline, there is no shortage of great photo opportunities and this is without question one of the best and most unique beaches in Europe.

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